What Is POI Shift

POI stands for "point of impact". POI shift is what the shift of the bullet is when a silencer is installed. POI shift is measured in MOA. That means that a POI of 2 MOA would be 2" at 100 yards. There are a lot of factors that go into silencer POI shift. Things such as barrel harmonics, wieght of the silencer, how the silencer is attached to the host, and the design of the silencer. There are two main types of POI shift with silencers.

POI Shift When Mounting the Suppressor

Every silencer on the market will display some form of POI. In most cases POI has more to do with the threads on the weapon than it does with the silencer itself. Most silencers will display the same POI shift when you take the silencer off and then remount. This repeatability is actually a good thing becuase all you need to do is re-zero your rifle. The POI shift should be low with the silencer attached. But its also not uncommon to see 2 MOA shift. The more concentric the threads of your hosts barrel the less POI shift there will be. You can have a gun smith check for this. Remember that a POI shift is NOT the same as a decrease in accuracy; and, it's often possible to see a POI shift and an increase in accuracy at the same time.

POI Shift From Shot To Shot

The second type of POI shift when a silencer is installed is from shot to shot. This type of POI shift occurs from a quick detach mount rather than the threads or concintricity. While there are many improved designs in the quick detach mount market that can have the same accuracy as a direct thread mount, most quick mount systems will decrease your accuracy. That loss of accuracy is a result of the slight movement of the suppressor as it shifts on the mount from shot to shot.

In conclusion

All silencers will display POI shift. In most cases its nothing to worry about. All you need to do is zero your rifle with the silencer attached and you should be good to go. If you are a precision shooter it is best to stick with a direct thread silencer.




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