Silencer Cleaning

The first question is, do I need to clean my silencer? The simple answer is some need cleaning and some do not. Silencers that dont need to be cleand are going to be from high pressure calibers. High pressure calibers will burn almost all of the carbon esentailly making your silencer a self cleaning unit. However if you will be shooting sub calibers out of your silencer, i.e. 22lr out of a 5.56 can, you will need to clean it. If your shooting limited quanities from time to time the 5.56mm will burn off any deposits. But if you plan on shooting a lot of 22lr fom a larger caliber silencer you should run a dedicated 22lr silencer or make sure the higher caliber silencer is servicable for cleaning! As a general rule, 22lr rimfire silencers, and pistol silencers will need to be taken care of and cleaned on a regular basis.

How to clean a silencer

There are many ways to approach cleaning a silencer. Really only a couple rules apply. In most cases you can approch cleaning your silencer the same way you would go about cleaning your host firearm. Here are some things offten used to clean a silencer: Tooth brush, wire brushes, metal picks for scrapping, abrasive cloth (scotch brite pad), some kind of cleaning solvent which can be as basic as detergent or something like simple green to a dedicated firearm specific cleaning solvent. Cleaning your silencer isnt rocket science, your goal is to clean off any lead and carbon build up. Use common sense and you'll be fine. Stick with the basics, the same way you would clean any other gun part.

Ultra Sonic Cleaners

Ultra sonic cleaners can do very good job of cleaning silencers. Fill with warm water ( many ultra sonic cleaners have built in heaters) and some cleaning solvent, and the ultra sonic cleaner does the hard work. You may have to run a few cycles to get things clean. You may also still need to use some brushes or picks for scrapping if the lead and carbon build up is bad enough. Overall a ultra sonic cleaner is the best option in our opinion. Warm water, cleaning solvent such as one shot sonic clean solution and most of the work is done! Things to know when using a ultra sonic cleaner: DO NOT PUT ALUMINUM IN A ULTRA SONIC CLEANER! Dont let a cerakote finishes touch the ultra sonic cleaner wall or it can flake off. Most ultra sonic cleaners will have a plastic basket so this wont happen, but for an extra precuation or if you dont have a plastic basket in your cleaner, you can tape off all finished surfaces with electircal tape.

Extreme Build Up

For extreme cases of build up like in a 22lr silencer, some use what is called "the dip" for cleaning. It is very effective!! IT IS HIGHLY TOXIC!!! We wont tell you how to use the dip, but you can surely Google it and do it if you so choose.




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