How To Buy A Silencer From Us

Buying a silencer from us is extremely easy!! Follow these 7 simple steps and before you know it, you'll be the proud owner of a Quiet Fire Silencer! If you ever have any questions on the purchasing process, please contact us!

Step 1

Determine if you want to use a trust. BTW, if you choose to, we offer a free NFA gun trust with any purchase.

Step 2

We cant ship a silencer to you. So you need to pick an FFL dealer with a class 3 lic. Use our FFL transfer dealer app to pick your dealer. This is who you will do your paperwork with and where you will pick up your silencer once its approved.

Step 3

Once you purchase the silencer from us, we send it to the dealer you chose before checkout via form 3. The dealer you chose will contact you once they recieve your silencer.

Step 4

The dealer you chose will contact you once they recieve your silencer. At this time you will be completing your form 4 paperwork. Dont worry, your dealer will do it for you. You need to bring a few things to your dealer to get your form 4 paper work complete:

  • If you are using a NFA gun trust you will need to bring a copy
  • A check for $200 made out to BATFE
  • 2 Passport photos. You can get these done for about $15 at fedex kinkos, walgreens, UPS store
  • Two fingerprint cards Form FD-258 your dealer will probably have these, but if not your local police station or sherifs office will be able to finger print you. You can do them yourself as well. Its best to ask your dealer if they can do this, or if you need to get it done. Remember all persons listed in your trust need finger print cards and passport photos too!!

Step 5

The dealer you chose will complete your paper work and send it all to the ATF. Now its just a matter of time.

Step 6

Once the ATF approves your form 4, they will send the form back to your dealer with an attached tax stamp. Your dealer will call you and notify you that your silencer can be picked up.

Step 7





You currently dont have a FFL set.