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First, we would like to mention that if you choose to use a gun trust for your NFA silencer purchase, we offer a free NFA gun trust with any purchase.

A Gun Trust is a legal document created to allow the ownership of certain firearms or other items that are regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA), the federal law that governs the manufacture, possession and use of certain guns and gun accessories.

A Gun Trust is created by a person referred to as the Grantor.

Once created, the Trust files an application and pays a tax to the ATF to register the NFA regulated firearm. The Gun Trust cannot take ownership of the NFA regulated firearm (or transfer an NFA firearm) prior to the approval of the application by the ATF.

The Gun Trust allows the Grantor of the Trust, as well as those individuals named as Trustees, to lawfully use and possess the NFA regulated firearm. Anyone using or possessing an NFA regulated firearm or other item without proper registration with the ATF could be guilty upon conviction of a federal felony.


Naming several Trustees within a Gun Trust allows different people to use, possess, store and transport NFA-regulated firearms. By simply adding an eligible person as a Co-Trustee, the owner of the NFA weapon can authorize these persons to legally use any NFA weapons that the Gun Trust owns.

Also, a properly executed Gun Trust will avoid Probate, and while alive the Grantor can direct how the weapons will be held or distributed. So even non-regulated weapons can be added to a Gun Trust, to make them accessible to family and friends even after death.

The Gun Trust is revocable and can be amended at any time during the Grantor's life. The Grantor can change beneficiaries, assign new weapons to the Trust, sell or transfer any weapons held in the Trust, etc.

Minor children can be named as Beneficiaries of NFA Gun Trust property but cannot legally possess any NFA regulated item until they are at least 18 years old and/or be able to lawfully to possess a firearm under state and federal law.

Our gun trust does not use a "Schedule" to list all Gun Trust property. Rather, the Grantor will transfer NFA regulated items to the Gun Trust using a separate Assignment Form. This Assignment Form cannot be used until the AFT has approved the registration and issued the Tax stamp. The Assignment Form is NOT part of the Gun Trust; it merely offers proof of transfer to the NFA Trust. By eliminating the schedule of firearm ownership from the Trust itself, the Grantor and Trustee are not required to provide a list of all firearms owned by Trust when making later application for new NFA regulated items.

If an owner of an NFA regulation firearm creates a Gun Trust and desires to transfer the firearm to the newly created Trust, the transfer will require the submission of ATF Form 4, a background check and the payment of the $200 stamp tax. (Since the Grantor is the owner of the firearm, the Grantor can maintain possession of the item while the transfer is being processed by the ATF.)

When the Grantor dies, the Trust continues to own the property that has been assigned to the Trust. Naturally, those named as Trustees can continue to possess and use the NFA regulated firearms owned by the Trust.




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