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We offer this NFA gun trust 100% free with any purchase if you choose to use one. If you use our gun trust we will get in touch with you for the deatils we need to complete the trust. Once we complete the trust we will email it to you. You can print it out and from there complete any state requiremnets and bring to your dealer to complete form 4 paperwork.

Our Gun Trust is valid in all 50 states: the document complies with all federal law and regulation pertaining to NFA Gun Trusts. NOTE however that some states and metropolitan areas will have specific restrictions on NFA items that can be owned or possess by the Gun Trust or Trustees, so make sure that you review and follow all state and local laws and regulations.

Gun Trusts are private documents, but must be submitted to the ATF with the appropriate application for registration.

Further, some states require that Gun Trusts be registered in the county in which the NFA regulated firearms are possessed. These states include Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, and North Dakota.

Some states have optional filing requirements, including Florida, Maine and Nebraska.

States in which Notary Requires Witness: Alabama, California, Delaware, Florida, New York and Louisiana.

Benifits Of A Gun Trust

  • Naming several Trustees
  • The Gun Trust is revocable and can be amended at any time during the Grantor's life
  • Gun Trust will avoid Probate
  • When the Grantor dies, the Trust continues to own the property
  • Transfer future NFA purchases into the trust with an assignment form

Our gun trust does not use a "Schedule" to list all Gun Trust property. Rather, the Grantor will transfer NFA regulated items to the Gun Trust using a separate Assignment Form. This Assignment Form cannot be used until the ATF has approved the registration and issued the Tax stamp. The Assignment Form is NOT part of the Gun Trust; it merely offers proof of transfer to the NFA Trust. By eliminating the schedule of firearm ownership from the Trust itself, the Grantor and Trustee are not required to provide a list of all firearms owned by Trust when making later application for new NFA regulated items.




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