Frequently Asked Questions

  • Silencer or suppressor?

    Your call boss!
  • I heard only class 3 license holders can have a silencer, is this true?

    NO! This is not true! Anybody who can own a firearm can own a silencer. Its super easy follow these 7 steps.
  • How long does it take for my paperwork to come back with my stamp?

    Its hard to give an accurate answer becuase it differs so much. Average wait times are around 6 months. For many its much faster, for others its even longer.
  • Someone said I shouldnt buy a NFA item without using a trust, is this true?

    That depends. You can certainly purchase using a trust, and there are numerous benifits to doing so. But you certainly dont have to. If you choose to purchase using a trust, we offer a free NFA gun trust with any purchase. The choice is yours.
  • If I dont use a trust am I the only person that can use the silencer?

    No, anyone who is legally allowed to possess a firearm can use and shoot with your silencer so long as you are with them. You can not let anyone borrow it to shoot with if you do not intend to be with them. If you would like others to be able to legally have and shoot your silencer, use a trust.
  • Are silencers legal to own in every state?

    Not quite. But they are legal in 42 states as of now. Check our list of states that allow the ownership of a silencer.
  • Do I have to pay the $200 tax stamp for every silencer I want to purchase?

    YES! Its unfortunate! But thats the current law.
  • Where should I go to get my fingerprints and photos done?

    First check with your FFL dealer, they might do them. Many class 3 FFLs now do it for you. But you can get the finger prints done at the local police station, a sherifs office or you can even do them yourself. FedEx Kinkos, The UPS store, and walgreens do 2"x2" passport photos for around $15.
  • Do I need to submit the fingerprint cards and photos for every silencer I buy?

    YES! Its unfortunate! But thats the current law. However, a lot of Class 3 dealers save your prints if they have a Live Scan system.
  • Is buying a silencer online like buying a gun online?

    YES! In fact, its almost the exact same proccess. First, we transfer your suppressor to your local dealer. But unlike a regular gun transfer, your local dealer must also be a Class 3 dealer (SOT). Second, we have to first get approval from the ATF for the transfer by submitting a dealer to dealer (Form 3) transfer. This approval process takes around 1-3 days on average. Once we get the approval back, we ship your suppressor to your dealer.
  • When I buy a silencer from your website, how do I get it transfered to my local dealer?

    Before you can check out, we will have you select a local class 3 FFL dealer using our FFL finder app. We will then contact your dealer requesting their FFL/SOT. Once you select a local dealer you like, we take care of the rest. If you cant find a dealer, or would like to use another dealer not in our app, contact us and we'll add them!
  • How long will it take for my dealer to recieve my silencer?

    The transfer process to your dealer normally takes approximately 1-3 days. We electronically (Eform) submit our Form 3s. So, once it's approved, we automatically get the approval back. Once we receive the approval, we usually ship the same day.
  • When should I do my form 4 paperwork?

    You will usually do your paperwork once your local dealer recieves your silencer. And they should do the paperwork for you so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Will my local dealer do my form4 paper work, or do I have to do it?

    Your local dealer will do the paper work. If they do not do fingerprints or photos in house, you will need to bring them for your dealer to complete the paper work. See "Where should I go to get my fingerprints and photos done?" in the FAQ section.
  • Do you charge a fee to transfer to my local dealer?

    We do not charge a transfer fee. However like most gun transfers, your local dealer will probably have a transfer and holding fee. Call them to find out if they have transfer fees.




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